Testlands Youth Football Club was established in 2016, with the backing of Southampton based organisation Testlands, which has led to creating a unique football club.

With the use of the Testlands Hub facilities and the fantastic support of Testlands MultiSPORT Coaching Ltd we are able to offer all teams under the club at one central hub, the opportunity to train and develop with FA qualified coaches.

With all that in mind and transparency high on the agenda, we believe we are creating a great club. A club that kids can develop in all aspects of their game, enjoy playing, competing & being part of our club. But most importantly being part of our fantastic community.



Making A Difference



The Minis is the Foundation group of Testlands football club we aim to offer the youngest of children, typically 4-7 years old their first taste of football  in a safe and friendly environment.
If children are to enjoy and take part in football they need to:

  • Feel success

  • Take an active part in the game

  • Learn to play as a team

  • Understand the Laws

  • Develop football skills

  • Be able to take part whatever their ability

  • Develop fitness

Testlands YFC sets out to meet those needs. It allows children to succeed and take part in something that is still recognisably football.

Our aims are; 

  • To provide football to children of all ages and abilities, in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

  • To deliver age-appropriate coaching to support long-term player development.

  • To encourage all players to try their best and make the most of their abilities.

  • To offer a challenging but supportive environment where children can learn from their mistakes without undue pressure and anxiety.

  • To promote good behaviour and respect for others.​

Testlands Minis Coaching Philosophy: 

  • Make the game safe, fair and enjoyable.

  • Provide age-appropriate coaching (4-7 years old).

  • Develop the whole player using the FA's 4 corner  model.

  • Improve the player’s movement skills: agility, balance, co-ordination and speed (ABC's).

  • Develop the player’s technical skills.

  • Increase the player’s decision-making capabilities.

  • Teach the player life skills (co-operation, teamwork, communication and friendship).



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